Coach Mentoring Program

Starting A Successful Coaching Business Begins Here

Are you an accredited, certified life or transformation coach?

During your training you generated momentum, but now it might feel like you are losing it, due to the uncertainty of how to start your coaching business, where to find your first paying clients, or not knowing how to market your business.

What happens now?

Do you postpone coaching your first paying clients, or expressing your Soul Purpose or freedom, because you think you need to learn more and know more before you start your coaching business?

The truth is, you know more than enough.

Let’s make it happen together.

Your business success starts here:

Let’s unpack the model that will equip you to have your first paying clients, while confidently building your successful coaching business and making a difference on earth.

Over the next 6 weeks, you will receive 6 key modules.

The Coach Mentoring Program unpacked:

Business Owner Mindset

Transform an employee mindset to a business owner mindset.

Your first paying clients

We turn conversations into leads, starting with a successful free consultation.

Package and Pricing

You’ll create solutions to your clients’ problems and package it to get them results.

Forward-moving infrastructure

You will learn the importance of having an infrastructure for your business.

Authority Website

We’ll share some ideas to create a high-converting website.

Business Model

Simplicity is powerful. Build a business model to your strengths.

I went to Nelene totally stuck and somewhat lost. I had done the Transformation Life Coaching Academy and Masters. Somehow I could not get myself to start coaching. I had quit my formal job just before I did my coaching training. At that time things looked possible and I was hopeful that I can make coaching work for me as this is what I have been wanting to do for a living. I get to do what I really love to make a living. I have always coached people around me but I had never asked them to pay me for a service. I found myself going back to the workplace after 6 months of trying to build the coaching business and nothing seem to have come from that. I had registered my business name and I had a website and I did not know what’s next. I needed someone to mentor me and Nelene was just the person. Nelene took me on a journey to build my confidence as a coach and helped me to believe in myself. She told me to start coaching and gave me manageable tasks. I found myself coaching after just one session with her. Something that I never thought was possible since I was working. I started coaching people after work and they paid me. Nelene brings to the coaching mentoring her essence of who she is and does it in the most authentic way. She helped me with how to market my business and gave me valuable feedback for my website. She taught me how to get traffic to my website and gave me some few more additional tips on how to handle my road blocks to my business as well as my personal life and relationship. Nelene is compassionate and generous and that shows in her coaching style.
Penny Koetle

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Do I need to be an accredited certified transformation coach?

Yes. You should be self- motivated, committed and driven to impact the world. If you have done your Inner Transformation training, you can enrol.

Are there enrolment dates?

For 1:1 coaching, anytime

How long is the program?

The course is 6 sessions (6-weeks)

How much time does it take to do this course every week?

Our sessions are 50 minutes. Allocate 4 x 50 minute sprints to complete your forward-moving homework during the week.

What do I do when I have any unanswered questions?

Send an email to Nelene:

Do I have to commit to all 6 session?

Yes! Full time participation = full time results.

Can I get access to the whole program at once?

Classes are scheduled weekly.

Get guide on how to get your first paying clients.

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