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Life Mastery Course

‘We can picture it being similar to the wheel of a ship. If we make even a one-degree change in the ship’s compass, we will notice very little difference; but, as the ship sails over the sea, hour after hour, day after day, a one-degree change in the compass will end up taking us to a very different place many miles from where the original course would have taken us.’ Dr David Hawkins

All my life I had this feeling and knowing that heaven is within me, that there is more to life than all the programming and conditioning, but I just did not have the knowledge or tools to breakthrough to experience heaven here on earth.

The last two years have been a quest in discovering who I really am. We read that we are phenomenal human beings and we have all the power to create a beautiful life, love unconditionally, live effortlessly and have inner peace. In contradiction it was always about hard work and effort to see results.

God’s grace showed the way in discovering joy, peace, fulfilment, bliss, love and being whole…complete.

I have realized that all the Spiritual qualities is the True-Self. My life has completely transformed in the following ways:

  • Thoughts have disappeared and visions have been created
  • I need or lack nothing
  • Abundance is everywhere
  • My monthly income has increased three timese more per month
  • Life is effortless
  • Relationships with family, friends and clients are on a higher level
  • I see beauty, magnificence in everything that is created.

Would you like to know how one can have and experience heaven within?

The Spiritual Journey coaching and healing will guide and help you to release and let go of all the resistance and negative feelings you have repressed and suppressed over a life time. It will also help you to eliminate the ego. The ego is a program that is based on protecting yourself with fear. When you operate from Spirit and less from ego you will start mastering areas in your life, whether it is relationships, money, health, business or yourself.

Now is the best time to discover your Spiritual qualities you already have, redesign and master your life.

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