Édgar Hurtado, Pretoria.
Grieving is probably the most complex emotional state a human can endure. I know it because I was living through it.

While confronting this painful experience, I reached out to Nelene, who became a guide by listening to me, making me feel assured and safe, and showing me how to steer myself back to a path of stability.

My gratitude is no less than eternal for her actions and her undivided presence.

Taryn de Beer
Emotional Wealth Coaching

The Emotional Wealth sessions that I had with Nelene definitely improved my outlook on life by enabling me to let go of negative emotions, learning to accept myself and reminding me of who God created me to be.

Nelene’s teachings also helped me to keep my head and my feet in the same place and thereby avoid over thinking and complicating my life which in itself removes a huge amount of stress. 

Nelene is very good what she does and has a great passion for helping people and leading them to their true nature. I would definitely recommend Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching to anyone who is seeking, even if you are not sure what it is that you seek.

I have just had the opportunity to be enrolled and completed 8 sessions of “Enabling your Vision Coaching Package” with Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching. As they are one-on-one sessions, I found them to be a very safe space to be empowered. I could see and feel myself grow during the sessions because they were practical and immediately applicable in life and not just lectures. I was able to know myself better, establish my core values and for the first time set my goals, which have given structure to my days and determined my daily productivity. The coaching has enabled me to take the responsibility of starring my life-ship consciously to my new destination. Through special tools I was able to release negative emotions that have been holding me down. I have reinverted myself to be consistent in my intentional living in peace, true-self, self-trust, and excellence.

With the experience I have just had I strongly recommend the utilization of Nelene’s services which are beyond value.

Marius Lubbe, Centurion.
When I contacted Nelene Flemming of Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching, I was in a very bad space in my life. I was so negative, sad and it felt like the world left me behind. I stopped enjoying life to the fullest and by this missed out on so many important life experiences. But even after my first session with Nelene, I could see how my day-to-day changed. I got more excited and I started feeling the flame from within. Nelene used multiple powerful techniques with me and she guided me back to God and back into a positive mindset. I cannot explain the changes that I can now feel and see in my life. I am so energetic, positive, bad stress-free and the joy of love and life is back in my heart. I really recommend this journey with Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching as I am confident it will have a positive and good impact on your life just as it had one on mine. Thank you.
Marié Jacobs, Johannesburg.

Nelene Flemming Life Coach – Enabling your vision

When we look through a window into the future, our vision often gets blurred. The blur of conventional thinking, a fixed mindset, limiting beliefs or the blur of being trapped in our comfort zone.
I turned sixty in June this year and knew that it was time to take action to realize a new vision (not so new really) for my life. I saw Nelene Flemming’s powerful prompts on Facebook and decided to sign up for her life coaching sessions. I am so happy I did! I enjoyed every minute of my four sessions. It’s been a huge blessing.
Nelene’s life coaching helped me to let go of what I think I know, to reflect on how I fill my free time, to look critically at my daily habits and to revisit my core values. It has been a very valuable process to go through. It was encouraging to have her in my corner and to look at things from a different perspective. Life coaching is not airy-fairy, it is not a magic wand. I still have to do the work to realize my vision. However, Nelene’s building blocks have helped me to set goals, to activate an action plan, to look at my relationship with money and to enable my vision.
My sessions with Nelene have been refreshing and empowering. I strongly recommend her to anyone – irrespective of your age, gender, occupation or field of expertise. In fact, this process will inspire you if you started studying this year or if you started working this year. I urge you to sign up for Nelene’s life coaching sessions as soon as possible. It will help you to TAKE ACTION to realize your dream and to make a difference wherever you are.
This powerful quote by Sam Keen and Anne Valley Fox gives us a glimpse of how valuable life coaching can be: “To remain vibrant throughout a lifetime we must always be re-inventing ourselves, weaving new themes into our life narratives, remembering our past, re-visioning our future, re-authorising the myth by which we live.”
22 August 2021
Mignon du Toit, Cape Town
The Emotional \wealth Sessions with the guidance of Nelene through her obedience to the Word of God has been life changing. I was deeply hurt by the loss of a loved one, and my focus and energy went into my grieving and sadness. It felt like I would never be able to move on. God has truly healed me and I feel joyful and confident to move on with life and live it to the best of my ability. Thank you again Nelene for giving me the tools so that I can change.
Gwen Machedi, Gauteng.
I’ve always had a feeling that there was more to life than the life I was leaving. Then I found Coach Nelene after searching a while and quickly I started my transformational journey. It was at that point that I knew for sure that there was definitely more to life. Taking up this journey has opened me to new possibilities I only dreamt of but not awaken to. I am now awake to life in its fullest because of what I know now.The process of unpacking my back-pack was deeper than I thought – it was soul cleansing, deep in my sub-conscious. What a journey it was! I have discovered “Me” and I am beginning to love and accept myself as my God intended. Step by step I am seeing “Me” for the first time as God sees me, “lovable and worthy”. Each day I value taking small actions to achieve big goals, I no longer am paralised by giant leaps I wanted to take but couldn’t figure out how. My focus now is on incremental actions.The goal setting aligns me to my life vision. All these this I heard about but did not have the psychology, the skills nor the ability to act them out. Now I have started ticking success boxes leading me to my vision.
The amazing and surprising thing for me is that not only did I get the above but my spiritual gift also started manifesting, my relationships at home started improving and my energies to face life increased substantially.This was definitely more than what I bargained for. “Write down the vision and make it plain…” (Habakkuk 2:2)Thank you Coach Nelene for gracefully leading me to the truth
Tania Prinsloo
From the very first time I saw Nelene I could feel her positive spirit and I knew that she would be the person who helps me improve my life. Nelene just shines with love and positivity and that makes it so easy to open up to her and engage. After every session I could feel a definite change, even though at first it seemed small. It is only after a trigger happens which would’ve normally set me off that I realised how big the changes actually are. The Enabling your Vision program helped me be more confident and less anxious. I feel more in control during situations in my life that used to be a problem area. I am a calmer person with set goals and a vision to improve my life and focus on my happiness.
Jannie Meyer, Bloemfontein
My ervaring van die hele proses is dat dit ’n beste belegging in my lewe, in persoon en in my besigheid, is. 

Die kursus is baie professioneel en handig aangebied. Dit is met die nodige kundigheid en warmte medemenslik aangebied. Ek het dit regtig baie geniet en geleer om myself beter te verstaan en om weer nuut te dink oor my besigheid. Dit het vir my goed gewerk om dit drie dae na mekaar te doen. Ek sal die kursus met groot vrymoedigheid aanbeveel vir enige persoon en besigheid.

Talia Hugo, BrandTruth, Johannesburg.
The Enabling your Vision program has been exceptionally fun, interesting, enlightening and implementable. It has allowed me to re-connect with my inner child, acknowledge difficulties and find solutions to ease them. This program has has provided a deeper sense of self, self-acceptance and self-love and has encouraged me to continue to develop my mind, body and Spirituality to it’s best state. If anything, the program, with Nelene’s help, has brought a sense of calmness and order to my life, inspiring me to share it with others. Nelene has a sincerity and openness about her, which sets the tone for comfort, peace and growth during her coaching sessions. Her energy in contagious and you always leave inspired and uplifted. Nelene is a great listener, someone who allows you to be your true self, because she is her true self. With her you can feel vulnerable, unjudged, peaceful and excited for what your future holds.
Sbosh Mbuzwana, BrandTruth, Johannesburg.
The Enabling your Vision program is intense and really makes one look deep into one’s subconscious to release the negative emotions that one has embedded. By understanding negative emotions, acknowledging and releasing them, one has a totally different perspective on life and things immediately start to happen. It has allowed me to look at things and mostly people’s behaviours differently. I understand why negative beliefs and thoughts are limiting and the importance of self-love and appreciation. Being able to let go of negative emotions is truly life changing and I am looking forward to the new successful, SUPER me. Thank you. Nelene is a walking and living manifestation of what coaching can do. I love the fact that you incorporate your own person stories and that you have a true understanding of the person you are coaching.
S. Naidoo
The Enabling your Vision program:
Great Program. Fresh thinking, Takes priority over simple living. Its an eye opener, especially when caught up in everyday life stress. Works with my beliefs which is important to be. Its a step in the right direction. Opens up new possibilities and ideas on how to handle stressful situations in future.
Life Mastery Coaching: Wow! What a journey. I have learned to see things in a different way…To look at myself in a different way.
I don’t judge myself anymore…
I don’t compare myself with others anymore.
I am thankful for the small things in life.
Self confidence has grown enormously, so has self love, respect, and peace.
I have learned to choose what I think and to let go of the things that holds me down.
In my journey I had the best coach a person can ask for. Nelene was fulled with understanding, compassion, support and love.
I am a NEW me. Thank you for the Best Life Coach Nelene Flemming.
Melodie Steyn
The coach: Positive and relaxed. She is a really nice person whom I feel wants to just help people to enable them to reach the potential that she herself has reached. Friendly person whom has compassion for her clients and is willing to use her own experience to connect and guide. The Full Life Transformation program: Excellent! I feel that this type of program should form part of every person’s life – maybe it should be taught at schools and would make far better people. The duration of the sessions were well planned and optimally used. It created an acceptance of my surroundings, a calmness in dealing with rage and stressful situations and people and also a clearer mindset when dealing with the issues that originally brought me to this stage. It calmed me to the point of not having continued stress and released my physical (body) pain which was caused by my anger, rage, etc.
Tanna de Bod
Nelene is an amazing and helpful person. She truly has transformed my life. She is a very easy person to talk to and always made me feel comfortable when expressing my feelings. The ‘Discover your True Potential’ program: Best decision I have ever made, it has truly changed my life and made me feel more confident in all I do. This course had made me a better person. It has helped me accept who I am and believe in myself more. I am more happy and confident in all that I do and my life will never be the same again. I have realised that I am important and I need to always put myself first.
Thuli Ngwenya
Nelene is active, helpful, good listener, honest. The Full Life Transformation program: Amazing program. I noticed a change in my life while still in the program. Requires a lot of commitment but the end results are worth it. Gained more confidence. Understand my potential and how to live my life to reach my full potential. I am happier, lighter and more productive.
I really like the energy Nelene gives off. She is very warm and energetic and her passion is evident. She is empathetic and sincere. The Full Life Transformation program was at first a bit overwhelming; there was a lot of information to grasp. I think I didn’t know what to expect but I took a leap of faith and put my trust in the process. The program is focused on the outcome and even though I may not have realised it, I was definitely taking steps towards the goals that we originally set. Something clicked. Something waked. I like the life transformational ideas and the inner conflict therapy was weird but good; I felt great afterwards.
I definitely feel more resilient and confident. I feel like I can trust myself and the universe and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I don’t know how, but something seems to have changed and I like it.
Jo Strickland
Nelene is wonderful to work with. She is patient and always willing to answer questions or go through new concepts until I understand them. Nelene’s friendly approach made potentially difficult work enjoyable to work through. I found the combination of practical tools and theory very beneficial. We covered a lot of techniques, however, they flowed from one to the next easily and having ‘homework’ to put the tools to practice really helped my understanding. This is definitely a program for which you must make a conscious decision to allow yourself to transform and to be open to new ways of thinking and working in order to truly benefit from it. I am excited to see how this will help me going forward, as I continue to practice the tools and learn to listen to myself and trust. Already I felt lighter. I find myself smiling more and feeling calmer and less self-critical, and yet more self-aware. I feel I have a lot of habits to break in order to fully benefit however I am sure that in applying the tools I will get there. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is unhappy with the life path they are on or who experience discontent with who they are or where they are. If you know/believe that there is more to life than what you are experiencing, then Nelene will be able to help remove the blockages and assist you to become who you desire to be. Thank you.
Cowin Ray
Awesome, very friendly, passionate and focused. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile. The Full Life Transformation program: absolutely brilliant!!! This program has changed my life and vision for my future. I have new perspective in life and understanding of myself and my path. It changed my vision, beliefs and feelings into a positive light. I would highly recommend this program to everyone. Be willing to change to become the ultimate and best version of yourself. 
S. de Sousa
Nelene is an excellent role model and someone who was able to through coaching. She radiates inner peace and is open to share her experiences. I enjoyed the structure of the Full Life Transformation program. It is very insightful and helped me change my approach to life. Tools and techniques that reinforce the coaching. Changed the way I think and approach life. Changed my life.
P Kotze
Die ‘Full Life Transformation’ het my gehelp om my denkpatroon te verander om positiewe energie uit te stuur. Die program help jou om interne ‘battles’ te oorwin en ’n nuwe positiewe houding oor die Self en die ‘nou’ in te neem. Ek het meer self-vertroue, meer geloof in self en my uitkyk oor my lewe van negatief na positief verander. Die program het my ‘tools’ geleer om die uitdaging in my lewe met ’n positieve houding aan te pak. Dit het my laat besef dat ek die ‘director’ is van my eie lewe, my ‘lewens-film’ en dat ek vir die mense wys wat ek kies om te wys.
V. Tayler
I found Nelene to be positive, thoughtful and inspiring.
Nelene offers a well-organized program. I was impressed with how attentive she was to my particular needs. I recommend Nelene with confidence for anyone seeking to make changes in their life.
The program helped me realize what I personally need to do to make the changes I want to in my life. Without this program as a stepping stone – I would not have reached that point. The affirmation “I accept you, I forgive you, I love you and thank you” was very helpful to me. It mitigated overwhelming feelings and made them more manageable.
Marni van Coller
Die oomblik toe ek Nelene ontmoet het, het haar positiewe energie my dadelik inspireer. Sy is fantasies in wat sy doen en Nelene het my dadelik gemaklik laat voel, sodat ek alles met haar kon deel, sonder terughou. Nelene het die mooiste, beste uitkyk op die lewe en ek is dankbaar dat ek dit by haar kon leer. Die ‘Full Life Transformation’ program was ‘life changing.’ Voor die coaching, het ek nie ’n selfbeeld gehad nie, maar die week wat ek by Nelene die coaching gekry het, is ek positief oor my toekoms en alles wat die toekoms vir my inhou. Ek glo in myself en is trots op wie en wat ek is. Nelene lei die program ongelooflik goed, en het my uitkyk op die lewe verander. Die program het my gehelp om positief oor myself, en oor die lewe te voel. Ek is nou opgewonde om voluit te gaan lewe, sonder enige iets wat my terughou. Alles wat my in die verlede teruggehou het, (emosie, gevoel, gedagte), is hanteer en nou weet ek hoe om die beste weergave van myself te wees en om elkedag hierdie “tools” te gebruik in alles wat ek aanpak.
Tronél Hellberg
Nelene is an extremely warm, sincere and inspiring person who is passionate about transforming people’s lives. Not only is she an excellent coach, but also a beautiful example of the powerful way in which this course can transforms one’s life. The Full Life Transformation program is highly effective! It is systematic, thorough and “magical” as some things changed without conscious effort. It provided me with excellent tools to achieve whatever I want to achieve.
This program put me in the driver seat of every aspect of my life: thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions. It transformed my perception and beliefs of myself, others, and the world around me. Instead of having preconceived ideas or being judgmental, I now have a neutral/more positive mindset. My understanding, love and compassion for myself and others have escalated tremendously. Looking back, I realise what impact my lack of self-love and limiting beliefs had on me and my relationships. As my self-love and image transformed, and I reconnected with the person I was born to be, I began noticing how people around me changed. Make no mistake; life is not always easy and challenges arise, but I am now in control. I choose to bounce back and learn from whatever life brings. As a result of this course I let go of the past and rediscovered my true worth, strengths and life purpose… making a difference and ultimately leaving the world a better place. My love, acceptance and appreciation of myself and others keep growing. I now consciously choose to be GRATEFUL, happy, positive, live in the moment, grow, and embrace life.
Nthabiseng Morwe
Nelene is a very good coach. She is warm and really make you feel at ease and allows you to be yourself during the coaching sessions without being judgmental. She is friendly. The coaching is a good experience. It allows you to reconnect with your inner-self and make you a better person who has realized true abilities and capabilities and helps you to let go of negative emotions and beliefs, the way you were meant to: happy, content and worry free. The Full Life Transformation program helped me to get over a very stressful period in my life when I felt sad worried. Through the program a new me emerged who is on her way of accepting bigger and better things because the program changed my feelings towards myself and to have positive feelings about myself. After the program I really felt confident and eager to implement all the learnings towards a good, better life.
Nadia Bester
The coach is extremely passionate in what she does. Serious about transforming lives. She really cares about her clients. She brings along a calming, relaxing yet very effective atmosphere during sessions. The Full Life Transformation program is an absolute must for every human being. Hopefully more people will realize how much this program will be the ultimate answer to all their questions. Being in the deepest place dark place all my life, so far at 34, for the last 6 months. This program was my last option. Within 2 days of sessions I could see the light I could feel the hope, I could see clear and hear clear again. My life has definitely been transformed. I am blessed. Thank you.
D. Ray
Very good energy and motivated. Creates a very good and positive atmosphere that makes it comfortable to chat and engage. Very knowledgeable, always able to help when I ask questions and always providing new interesting information. I found the Full Life Transformation program to be very interesting and helpful. There where many clever ways to think about things that helped you understand more about how you can go about changing your life.
The program was well thought out and planned. Everything seemed to flow nicely and it gives you time to process the information and put it into practice. It also was very clear and easy to understand the lessons. It has helped me process my emotion in a better manner. I am able to better identify my goals and use tools to help guide me better in order to reach those goals. I am able to think and feel more positive.
Marietjie Bentz
Die coach is amazing – glad nie gejudge nie. So gewillig om my te help groei en te verbeter. Sy straal positiwiteit uit. Dankbaar vir so ’n amazing mens in my lewe. Die Full Life Transformation program is ’n goeie program. My lewe en denkwyse verander. Dit het my gehelp om anders te dink. Baie négatiewe bagasse af gegooi. Oop vir soveel meer groei in my lewe.
Ralph Goveia, Zambia
Nelene is a kind, passionate coach full of energy and positivity that rubs off into everything around her. Before I started the program with Nelene I felt stuck or at a standstill in my sport and personal life, now I am a new person achieving goals and striving to be the best I can be. She has equipped me with the tools and techniques that enabled me to overcome obstacles and achieve not only some of my personal goals, but also sport related goals. The Inner Freedom coaching program has taught me that life can be lived easily and effortlessly. It has made me a more confident, positive and motivated person. It has also taught me to let go of my fears and doubts changing the way I see the world. The program is amazing and I recommend it to anyone and everyone, it is truly life changing!!
Lerissa Maharaj
Nelene is FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE, PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING, NON JUDGEMENTAL, POSITIVE, ENERGIZED. Used my past to go through the journey. It wasn’t’ rushed and time orientated. Always had time for me outside of the session when negative feelings/thoughts came up. The Full Life Transformation program: BRILLIANT, LIFE CHANGING. I have seen a huge change in my mind set and my interaction with people and the way I view situations. The program spoke to me as my thoughts were never in line with the crowd. The program is easy to understand and apply. It was done at a good pace. There is just so much of brilliant insight that I can apply to daily life that can make such a huge difference. The best commend: is when other people notice the changes in me (positive changes) and are impressed by how open minded or how objective/non judgemental I have become. I live more. I am happy and I accept myself for who I am and what I look like. I have stopped blaming other people for my life and have now taken ownership for it. The things that I feared, I now embrace. I have become and will continue to become my full potential.
Megan Schmidt
I think Nelene is an inspiration and a healer, gives good insight. The Full Life Transformation Programis well thought-through and doable with devotion. It made me feel the light within me and realize that I am the ruler of my life. It helped me let go of depression and for the first time in a while I feel free from anything that limits me.
Megan Schmidt
I think Nelene is an inspiration and a healer, gives good insight. The Full Life Transformation Programis well thought-through and doable with devotion. It made me feel the light within me and realize that I am the ruler of my life. It helped me let go of depression and for the first time in a while I feel free from anything that limits me.
Ronnie Botes
Nelene is the most positive person I have ever met and that rubs off. It was a pleasure to come to the coaching classes. The coaching was and is very good. I suppose it is something we all know but not use because we don’t know how to explore and let it out. It made me more positive and successful. In my personal life we need to handle any situation in a sincere manner and have sympathy with one another and listen and understand where one come from.
La-Tandia vd Berg
Nelene is warm and understanding. She helps by making a connection to clients and assisting them during the whole process of becoming a better self. The Full Life Transformation program: I believe it truly helped me to be the best I can be. To reach my goals efficiently. I feel content with my life and who I am and still going to be. I am the new me! I see now that I can do anything if I want to. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It will change your life for the positive. Positive thoughts causes positive outcome. I feel content with my life. I love myself now more that I ever thought I can. I am happy with my life and I have accepted and let go of my past. Life is absolutely wonderful.
Danielle Abdo
My general overview of the coach has been very positive and rewarding experience. Nelene is warm and friendly, she has a great understanding of an individual’s needs and goals. She is extremely informative and professional. She is organised and well prepared. The Full Life Transformation program has been achieved is this aspect and has given me the essential tools and techniques to carry on the process in furthering my transformation. This program has allowed for personal growth and goal orientated work to be attained. The program has helped me in personal aspects in my life and is highly recommended by me. The Full Life Transformation program has helped and assisted me in obtain a positive self image and letting go of all negative emotions. The program has help in terms of dealing with inner conflict and outer conflict I had been handling. The program has help with revaluing and reflecting certain goals and decisions I have made in my past life.
Zubeida Goolam, Johannesburg
Nelene is so friendly and makes the process of change so simple. She is a phenomenal coach. The Full Life Transformation program is life changing! I would recommend it to every/anyone. I’ve become a better version of myself, more confident and more aware. The program unlocked and dissolved all my fears and doubts.